Courtesy :Tushar Abhyankar

As mid to late November approaches, the serene and beautiful Akshi beach ready itself to welcome its feathered inhabitants.
Akshi is a winter home to around 40+ waders(shorebirds). These birds do a marathon journey starting from places like Siberia all the way to Akshi . It’s a great wonder that so many varied species of waders assemble only at Akshi beach of the vast coastline of Maharashtra. Flocks of Gulls, Terns, Plovers,Sandpipers populate the beach. Few species like Great knot make Akshi its stopover ground for around two weeks to refuel and gain energy before heading to South-East Asia to its permanent wintering ground. One of the reasons for such a wide array of species of birds assembles at Akshi is that the oceans currents at Akshi bring nutrient rich food on the shore which caters to the different dietary requirement of all the different species.

The beauty that these birds exhibit is spell bounding. Big flocks of Gulls and Terns crowd the beach and at a sudden impulse take flight making a visual of thousand white lilies scattering the sky. Hundreds of Plovers trot gracefully on the beach, their synchronized flight is a ballet in mid-air. Terek Sandpiper with oddly shaped beak, rarities like oyster catcher and crab plover, abstractly colored Ruddy Turn stone mesmerize the observer.

It’s a little wonder that hundreds of bird watchers throng Akshi beach to observe and photograph these little beauties. Jaswand holidays is located at a distance of 5 mins from the spot where the birds are seen. We can arrange a guided birding and photographic tours with expert.

Please call us at following number (Rajesh – 9820147465 / Swati – 9820866197) to make a booking.

Birds @ Akshi